Our favourite collection is Signature, since this best illustrates our passion for beautiful jewellery.  Each and every Signature design is conceived, created and hand-finished in the in-house workshop, and is made from gold and silver metals which are ethically sourced, traceable, and compliant with environmental best practice.

The starting point in the life of a Signature piece is to translate the idea into a two-dimensional paper sketch - we rarely use computer aided design, thereby ensuring that the only limits to creation are own imagination. 

From this sketch, we hand-carve a wax model to create a three-dimensional sculpture.

This allows us to fully assess our concept and make any minor adjustments prior to creating a master silver pattern. After a few final tweaks, the master is made  using the lost wax casting process, and this in turn is perfected to create the ultimate working mould.

From then on, every Signature piece is individually made using the traditional lost wax casting process, and lovingly hand-finish and personalised in our own workshop.

 You'll find these unique Signature designs in all Memento Categories & Collections.