A fingerprint necklace acts as a wonderful reminder of special memories shared with friends, family and those precious to you. We have put together a handy guide to help you choose the right fingerprint necklace, either as a gift to yourself or a special memento for a loved one.


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How To Choose Your Fingerprint Necklace

Make A Statement

We have variety of beautifully crafted design options for you to choose from. Each product listing will guide you through every customisation option, allowing you to create an utterly unique fingerprint necklace.


A fingerprint necklace is available in a range of shapes and styles to choose from. From a traditional heart to the more unusual oblique design of our silver fingerprint necklace, each piece from our Signature collection is created and hand-finished in the in-house workshop. We always start the design process with a sketch on paper to allow for greater creativity than computer aided design will allow us. There are also whimsical oak leaves, wishbones, and delicate acorn charms available across our Signature fingerprint necklace range. Our silver baby fingerprint necklace is a beautiful example of our Signature baby oak leaf design.


We use gold and silver metals to create each piece of jewellery. Each Signature design is available in sterling silver and options for yellow gold plated or rose gold plated are available for a number of our designs, including our child fingerprint necklace. We source our gold and silver metals in an ethical, traceable manner and ensure they are compliant with environmental best practice.


Many of our fingerprint necklaces such as the heart fingerprint necklace come with the option to add a name, bespoke message, or quote on either the front or back (or both!) of your charm. There are two font options to choose from: traditional or ‘I love hearts’ to add a touch of character to your bespoke necklace. Our team can also engrave a name or special message on the reverse of a baby fingerprint necklace.
Fingerprint necklace

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve chosen the style of your necklace, it’s time to add some finishing touches. We offer the option to include a colourful birthstone or sparkly initial to your necklace. Each initial feature cubic zirconia stones set in sterling silver while the addition of a birthstones adds a splash of colour to your necklace.
Every piece of jewellery from Memento arrives at your door nestled in a luxury box and gift bag.

Taking Prints

The ridges and lines that make up fingerprint are unique. No one in the world has the exact same fingerprint as you or your loved one. Our jewellery is a unique as the fingerprint we engrave upon it. 
There are a number of simple ways you can send your prints to us. The easiest way to take prints is with a pencil, some Sellotape and a sheet of white paper. You may already have your prints ready to send, but if not you can read our handy guide here.
 We also provide a fingerprint necklace kit if you need one. Once we receive your fingerprints, your jewellery is made and personalised in approximately 1-2 weeks.

What Makes A Fingerprint Necklace So Special?

Our Signature designs are a unique and beautiful way to keep happy memories of friends and family close.

A Celebration Of Everyday Moments

A necklace with your loved one’s unique fingerprint serves as a reminder of special days. Worn close to the heart, your necklace captures personal moments to treasure.
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Discover Our Signature Collection

Our Signature designs best illustrate our passion for beautiful jewellery. Each piece is individually made using the traditional lost wax casting process, and lovingly hand-finished in our workshop.


For almost 50 years our family has been making jewellery in the heart of West Yorkshire. Our team of designers work closely with our silversmiths to create the highest quality, hand-finished jewellery.

Made With Love

We are committed to creating you the perfect memento, from our family to, yours. Our business is now in the hands of second and third generation family members. It is an honour for us to preserve your precious life moments, memories, and stories in our beautiful jewellery.
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